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Director: Daniel Espinosa

Visual Effects Supervisor: Joel Behrens

For Sony Pictures’ Morbius, Digital Domain Visual Effects Supervisor Joel Behrens led his team of artists in creating over 500 shots for the film. The Digital Domain team was responsible for the final monstrous, vampiric looks of Dr. Michael Morbius, played by Jared Leto, and Milo, played by Matt Smith. To bring the characters to life the award-winning visual effects studio employed its proprietary facial capture system, Masquerade, and the animation team also handcrafted elements on top of the actors’ performance for a more stylized look.

In addition to the character design, Digital Domain artists developed the look of the bloom, super speed, flying, echolocation and shedding effects. The team also contributed to several sequences including the container ship sequence, the subway chase, Morbius’ prison escape and the final battle at the construction site. Each sequence utilized a combination of practical and visual effects, blending real sets with CG extensions and additions. The construction site, for instance, was nearly 95% CG, leading to a physical set that made up the top floor.