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Lost in Space – Season 3

Studio: Netflix

Visual Effects Supervisor: Marion Spates

Visual Effects Producer: Rachel Wheeler


For season three of the Netflix series, Lost in Space, visual effects supervisor Marion Spates and his team developed several exciting sequences. In episode 303, the Digital Domain team worked on the sequence in which the crew of the Jupiter escape the broken planet. To bring the scene to life, our artists started with previs, adding asteroids, shattered land masses, debris and more to the scene. Also for episode 303, our VFX team created the “amber planet,” along with a wrecked Resolute, its crash site, dust blowing in the wind, and hoodoo rock formations, providing an epic scene of destruction. The episode culminates with a battle, designed and animated by our artists, between the “Lieutenant” and new, original “henchman” character, also created by Digital Domain.

In addition to the robot battles and flying asteroids, Digital Domain also designed and built a control room along with creating several other effects. In total, Digital Domain turned in roughly 200 shots for both episodes 302 and 302. There were around 50 shots from Digital Domain’s artists featured in the first of the two episodes, which primarily focused on 2D shots of the robots, but the majority of work took place in episode 303.