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Tron: Legacy

Director: Joseph Kosinski

Visual Effects Supervisor: Eric Barba

"TRON: Legacy" began as a 3D concept prototype, envisioned by Disney's Sean Bailey, producer Steven Lisbeger and Director Joseph Kosinski, and was realized by Digital Domain. The now-famous short helped get the project greenlit and primed worldwide audiences for its release. The digital TRON world took shape as Academy Award-winning Visual Effects Supervisor Eric Barba and the Digital Domain team turned production designs into fully-realized environments, light cycles, Recognizers, characters, discs, and more in full stereoscope 3D. Barba was responsible for delivering all 1,565 visual effects shots created by six studios on two continents for the ambitious global digital production.

Digital Domain's work enabled Jeff Bridges to reprise his role from the original film, play a now 60-year-old Kevin Flynn and the never-aging villain Clu. Building on the Academy Award-winning digital human synthesis work Digital Domain pioneered for "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," the studio developed a CG head for Clu and the system that enabled Bridges' performance to drive his younger CG likeness.