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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Director: Michael Bay

Visual Effects Supervisor: Matthew Butler

Digital Domain reunited with director Michael Bay for part two of the Transformers franchise. Led by Visual Effects Supervisor Matthew Butler, Digital Domain created 14 new supporting characters, with markedly different personalities – including the crass comedian 'Wheelie' and scary siren 'Alice,' the sexy co-ed who transforms into a menacing monster robot in Sam's dorm room. For 'Alice,' the transformation, lining up the photographed live actress and the synthetic creation, required extreme accuracy. Digital Domain combined the actress's inherent animation with the CG animation of the robot, sewing it all together using a proceduralized deconstruction pattern. Another robot, made of thousands of sentient 'Microcons' that form themselves into an insect-like shape, was created by blending hand-based hero animation with procedural animation.