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The Good Place – Season 1

Release Date: 09/19/2016

Studio: NBC

Visual Effects Supervisor: David Neidnagel

Showrunner: Michael Schur


Creating some of the most iconic looks and scenes during the first season of the award-winning show "The Good Place," Visual Effects Supervisor (and former Digital Domain employee) David Niednagel oversaw Digital Domain's work on multiple episodes of NBC's popular show, beginning with the pilot episode. Digital Domain partnered with the show's creator Michael Schur to create everything from the background buildings that made up the "Good Place" to a giant sinkhole to a chaotic garbage storm. Digital Domain was part of the creation process from the start, even sitting in during the scripting process and remaining on set during filming. Given the show's tight timeline, each episode was completed in four weeks and included both light and complex visual effects work.