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Stranger Things – Season 4

Studio: Netflix

Visual Effects Supervisor: Manolo Mantero

Visual Effects Producer: Gayle Munro

For Season Four of Netflix's iconic Stranger Things, Digital Domain VFX Supervisor Manolo Mantero was tapped alongside over 150 of our talented artists to create visual effects for eight of the nine episodes for the Emmy-nominated series. The team’s stunning work included everything from CG creations of new worlds to horrifying death scenes, CG spiders, and more.

Responsible for the visual effects in several sequences, our team worked with production to create “Hellscape,” while revealing One’s transformation to Vecna, in addition to the “Dimension X” environment. Additionally, our team contributed to the battle sequence between Vecna and Eleven, which took place in the Hawkins Middle School gym. Digital Domain’s work can also be seen in the scenes where Vecna breaks the bones of Alice Creel, basketball player Patrick McKinney, and Max.

The team also handled several smaller moments, including adding CG fog to the forest in “Chapter One,” giving Eleven a superhuman assist as she lifts the (digital) Nina tank in “Chapter Eight,” even a disturbing moment when young Henry experiments with his powers and destroys a CG rabbit, and also the CG spiders seen throughout season for. In total, Digital Domain contributed nearly 350 shots for this season of Stranger Things.