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Release Date: 09/23/2018

Production Company: Perfect Village Entertainment

Director: Zhang Yimou

Visual Effect Supervisor: Nikos Kalaitzidis


The artists of Digital Domain mainly focused on the production of the battle scene: the “Alley” in Jingzhou. To depict a series of shots where Tianzhan (Wang Qianyuan) led his soldiers to besiege Jingzhou in the rain with their “Pea umbrella” weapons while avoiding the arrows shooting at them. The artists had to create crucial environmental extensions, including houses in the village, mountains, roads, valleys, splashes and arrows dropping in the rain, etc.

Artists also created a 3D environment that integrated houses, roads and trees through digital painting which they later combined with the color scheme to make detailed adjustments so that the CG scenes looked incredibly realistic in the ink painting setting. Nearly two hundred rotation combinations of the “pea umbrella” and digital avatars were created by CG.