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Lost in Space – Season 2

Studio: Netflix

Visual Effects Supervisor: Aladino Debert

Visual Effects Producer: Suzanne Foster

Showrunner: Zach Estrin

Visual effects supervisor Aladino Debert and his team delivered 160 shots across three episodes for Netflix’s epic space drama “Lost in Space.” The majority of Digital Domain’s work focused on a sequence in episode 201 called “Shipwrecked,” in which the Jupiter crew battled a fierce storm by transforming their spaceship into a sailboat and navigating it through a narrow pass lined with jagged rocks. The team created film-quality water effects for the show by conducting extensive R&D and running Houdini simulations through frequent tests to ensure the ship and water interacted seamlessly and realistically. Additionally, the team also worked on two of the robots including one called “Scarecrow” and Will’s friendly robot for episodes 208 and 209.