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Studio: Marvel Studios

Visual Effects Supervisor: Jean-Luc Dinsdale

Visual Effects Producer: Gayle Munro


For the Disney+ series “Loki,” Marvel Studios tapped Digital Domain VFX Supervisor Jean-Luc Dinsdale and his team of artists to produce visual effects for the third and fourth episode of the series. For the third episode of “Loki,” Digital Domain created the doomed planet of Lamentis and to bring the dying world to life, the team created a hazy purple atmosphere, photorealistic CG meteors, explosions and fiery rocks, and then they destroyed it.

In total, Digital Domain completed roughly 500 shots for the series, with around 300 appearing in the final version of the episode. Work initially completed for “Lamentis” also appeared in the early minutes of the fourth episode, “The Nexus Event,” as part of the resolution that saw Loki and Sylvie rescued from Lamentis-1.