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Kenzoworld “My Mutant Brain”

Director: Spike Jonze

Agency: Framework

Brand: Kenzo Parfum


Digital Domain VFX Supervisor Janelle Croshaw teams up with director Spike Jonze again to launch a new scent for Kenzo. The 3 1/2 min short film for KenzoWorld, titled 'My Mutant Brain' starring Margaret Qualley is being called 'the best perfume ad of all time.' The short film starts out with Margaret inattentively sitting at a fancy dinner event. She exits the stuffy room and enters into the mirrored halls of L.A.'s Dorothy Chandler Pavillion. Qualley's charismatic dancing takes over, as she springs through the halls in a full-body frenzy, showing off her best high kicks, backflips, and her astounding ability to shoot laser beams from her fingertips. Digital Domain created the laser beams and their wreckage; also flying Qualley through the exploding flower petal eye. As well as working closely with the art department and a hand full of other seamless looking shots throughout the short.

VFX Supervisor
Janelle Croshaw

Alex Michael/Eric Kimelton