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Extraction 2

Release Date: 06/16/2023

Production Company: AGBO

Director: Sam Hargrave

Visual Effects Supervisor: Jean-Luc Dinsdale


The Digital Domain team completed all the transitions, traditional VFX work, and the invisible effects required for the 22-minute oner in "Extraction 2." Under the guidance of VFX Supervisor Jean-Luc Dinsdale, the talented team of artists seamlessly stitched together 99 individual shots. The intricate work involved in executing each transition was unique, often combining plate retiming, performer manipulation, and background replacement to maintain a smooth and immersive viewing experience.

The visual spectacle extended to a meticulously crafted car chase, involving a reimagined vehicle damage pipeline and dynamic FX destruction, ensuring realistic, sequential damage to the involved vehicles. In the train crash sequence, Digital Domain fused location and blue-screen shots, deploying CG characters, and varied environment elements to create a convincingly cohesive and thrilling action sequence. In addition to these tentpole moments, an incredible amount of talent was also poured into the backgrounds of all three sequences by Digital Domain’s Environments team.

Additionally, Digital Domain’s Digital Human Group applied the studio’s proprietary Charlatan face replacement technology in a handful of shots, while Digital Domain’s postviz team was tasked with flushing out the details for the epic train crash at the end of the oner.