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Dollar Shave Club “Buttery Galaxy” and “Buttery Lagoon”

Director: Ian Pons Jewell

Agency: Dollar shave Club-Direct

Brand: Dollar Shave Club

For Dollar Shave Club, Digital Domain paired with the shave sensation's in-house agency to create two out-of-this world spots. 'Buttery Galaxy' and 'Buttery Lagoon' feature Dr. Carver's Shave Butter, a favorite among Dollar Shave Club's members. For 'Buttery Galaxy', Digital Domain was brought in to create the visual effects for the fun spot in which a man floats through space, cushioned by the buttery smoothness of his shave butter. In 'Buttery Lagoon', Digital Domain whisked our main hero away to a buttery utopia where he enjoys a bath in a magical, soapy lagoon. The spots have been extremely well received, garnering attention from major ad sites including Adweek, Ads of the World, and Adland, with a collective reach of over 3.3 million readers.

VFX Supervisor
Randall Smith

CG Supervisor
Ron Herbst/Chris Norpchen

Alex Michael