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Black Sails – Season 2

Studio: STARZ

Visual Effects Supervisor: Aladino Debert

Visual Effects Producer: Charles Bolwell

Showrunner: Jonathan Steinberg & Robert Levine

Black Sails, a Starz Original Series about the Golden Age of Piracy, was nominated for multiple Emmy awards for Visual Effects. The show, which explores the world of pirates in the early 1700s, was overseen by Erik Henry, who enlisted Digital Domain to help with ship-at-sea scenes, coastal attacks and numerous invisible environment augmentations. Digital Domain’s visual effects supervisor Aladino Debert worked with an amazing team to create many of the pirate ships, water scenes, explosive battles and environments for the series.

The studio completed about 60 shots across four episodes. Noting that Erik Henry and Starz saw “Black Sails” more as a series of one-hour movies, Aladino and his team created crazy destruction shots, fantastic water and ship shots with feature film level quality.