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Director: James Wan

VFX Supervisor: Jay Barton

Digital Domain was tapped by Warner Bros to create a particularly complex sequence for "Aquaman." Led by VFX Supervisor Jay Barton, Digital Domain's artists built the entire Dead King's Island environment for the heartfelt reunion sequence where Aquaman and his mother finally meet. 

The team ran Houdini simulations to generate the CG ocean, and integrated them with shots of Jason Momoa in a pool, against bluescreen. Within this sequence, there were many different approaches to our water work. In some cases, we matched the actor and his interactions; in others, we augmented oceans or replaced the water entirely.

Once Arthur emerges from the water, you see a wondrous environment. The team extended the cove, adding foliage and interesting terrain to either side of the beach. The majority of the live-action shoot occurred under very soft, overcast lighting, and that worked well as we layered in filtered, multi-colored light shining through the crystals overhead.