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Apex Legends | “Northstar”

To help introduce a new playable character to the more than 100 million+ Apex Legends fans around the world, Digital Domain partnered with Electronic Arts and the game’s developer, Respawn Entertainment, to tell a memorable story (that was viewed 6 million times in under two weeks.) Embracing Japanese animation and art influences, the 8-minute short film “Northstar” highlights the bond between a daughter and her father, and the lengths each will go to for the other – including revenge. 

Going beyond its established expertise in photorealism, Digital Domain’s artists offered fans a heavily stylized look at life in the Outlands, featuring digital paint strokes, sculpted shadows and hand-animated facial performances. Digital Domain handled nearly every aspect of the film, including an initial two-day mocap shoot, modeling, rigging, lighting, cloth sim, matte painting and more. In total, the award-winning VFX studio completed 187 shots under the direction of Evan Viera and VFX Supervisor Piotr Karwas.