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Release Date: 08/22/2023

Studio: Lucasfilm

Showrunner: Dave Filoni

Visual Effects Supervisors: Nikos Kalaitzidis and Michael Melchiorre


For Episode 4, “Part Four - Fallen Jedi,” Digital Domain was tapped to help bring a pivotal moment to the screen during the colorful lightsabler duel between Ahsoha, Sabine, Marrok and Shin. Led by VFX Supervisors Nikos Kalaitzidis and Michael Melchiorre, the brilliant Digital Domain team of artists received the Red Forest asset from another vendor and used it as a reference to create a full CG environment. The team used set photography and live-action footage on a blue screen stage and added set extensions to bring the environment to life. They were also responsible for creating the weapons used in the scene, such as lightsabers, blasters, and wrist rockets, as well as the effects caused by the fights, such as explosions and smoke.

Digital Domain artists worked closely with LucasFilm to create the spinning effect for Marrok's dual saber, seen right before his death. The team also created digidoubles for Shin and Marrok, and in several shots, replaced Marrok completely.