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‘Morbius’ VFX Breakdown Video Shows How Digital Domain Went Beyond Practical Effects

Here's how Digital Domain utilized innovative technology, physical sets, and visual CG extensions to create the film's final look.


This past April, Sony Pictures released their latest foray into the superhero genre with Morbius, led by Oscar-winner Jared Leto in the titular role. The movie follows Dr. Morbius, a renowned doctor specializing in rare blood diseases. His research is driven by his own rare blood disorder, and he makes a risky gamble in his research to prevent others from facing the same fate. But what might have been a promising venture instead unleashes the doctor's internal darkness as he fights new and mysterious urges.

Morbius was eviscerated by critics and fans alike, breaking a steady flow of success for Sony. Despite the flaws in its storytelling, Morbius managed to excel in one area: its visual effects. Award-winning VFX studio, Digital Domain, was tapped by Sony to help elevate the movie-watching experience. Now, Digital Domain has released a special VFX breakdown video on how the team utilized innovative technology. The video offers insight into how the VFX team helped craft Leto's and Matt Smith's vampiric looks and their powers, as well brief breakdowns of various locations and action sequences.


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