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How Digital Domain helped The Rock melt a mercenary

And how one hilarious moment in ‘Black Adam’ done by the VFX studio didn’t make it to the theatrical cut.

One of the first sequences in Jaume Collet-Serra’s Black Adam sees the introduction of the mysterious cloaked title character, played by Dwayne Johnson, as he battles a group of mercenaries at the Rock of Eternity.

The cave battle culminates in Black Adam literally melting one of his foes right down to the skeleton, an effect crafted by Digital Domain, who worked closely with production visual effects supervisor Bill Westenhofer and visual effects producer Karen M. Murphy on the film.

Here, Digital Domain visual effects supervisor Nikos Kalaitzidis and digital effects supervisor Greg Teegarden tell befores & afters about the work involved in creating the melting moment, including the shoot, digital stunt doubles, digital Dwayne Johnson, electricity generation, cloth simulation and even shredding CG cloth with bullets.

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