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EXCLUSIVE: The Last of Us: Digital Domain VFX Supervisor Mitch S. Drain on Finding Beauty Amidst Decay

In an interview with CBR, Digital Domain VFX Supervisor Mitch S. Drain broke down how the team brought beauty to the decay in The Last of Us.

Set in a world where the spread of a Cordyceps virus has decimated humanity and left most of it struggling to survive within two decades, The Last of Us could have felt indebted to the typical imagery of its genre. Unlike most apocalyptic tales, The Last of Us takes real time to highlight the slow and steady evolution of the world into something more bittersweet and beautiful. Helping bring this all to life was Digital Domain, whose talented VFX team helped flesh out the world with those natural edges.

Read the full article here: https://www.cbr.com/digital-domain-the-last-of-us-interview/