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Digital Domain Unveils Original VR Creation at FILMART 2017

Virtual Reality Leader Premieres “Micro Giants” and Announces Collaboration with “Godfather of Entertainment” Wang Wei-Chung


(13 March 2017, Hong Kong) Digital Domain Holdings Limited (the “Company” or “Digital Domain”; stock code: 547), one of the largest and most innovative providers of visual effects and virtual reality (VR) experiences, announced today the global premiere of its latest VR creation, Micro Giants, at the Hong Kong International Film and Television Exhibition 2017 (FILMART 2017). Attending the conference to help unveil the release, entertainment industry luminary Mr. Wang Wei-Chung, newly appointed Principal Creative Advisor at Digital Domain, will share his technical insights and industry vision with guests and media.


Developed by Digital Domain’s creative teams in Greater China, Micro Giants showcases the company’s visual artistry and technical mastery. The animated experience blends Hollywood visual effects and advanced VR technology to give an unprecedented and highly engaging perspective of insect life. Depicting real-world insect behaviours and jungle conditions, Micro Giants offers a unique sensory experience while sharing in story form the laws of the insect kingdom. The premiere of Micro Giants follows on the heels of Digital Domain’s launches of its cinematic VR series “Monkey King” at the 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, as well as the 360-degree Kronos camera and VR livestreaming technology utilized in Faye Wong's Moments Live 2016 concert.


Mr. Daniel Seah, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Digital Domain, commented, "We are delighted to unveil our new VR experience at such a prestigious entertainment industry event. Micro Giants is unique in how well it combines education and entertainment in a highly immersive setting—and because it is the result of bringing together the most advanced Hollywood technology and our highly creative teams in Greater China. We’re proud to share this work with our industry peers at FILMART 2017.”


Mr. Seah went on to say, "We are also honored to have Wang Wei-Chung joining Digital Domain as Chief Creative Advisor. Already a household name for his acclaimed work in entertainment programme production, Mr. Wang has made countless contributions to developing and promoting the talent of Chinese entertainment industry. We are confident he will be instrumental to our company’s future success as we continue to push the bounds of entertainment technology.”


Mr. Wang Wei-Chung commented, “I have worked closely with Digital Domain for years. Many will remember that it was Digital Domain’s advanced VR technology that contributed to the production of the unforgettable ‘Kangxi Lai Le’ finale. This acclaimed cooperation that opens our eyes in reshaping what is possible in the entertainment industry.”


Mr. Wang further commented, "In the last year, Digital Domain has leveraged its advanced technology to produce a number of large-scale projects with widely recognized success. Backed by top-notch Hollywood technology and talent, Digital Domain is well positioned to help unleash the full potential of the promising Asian TV and entertainment industry. It is my honor to join the team as a creative advisor, and I am looking forward to working with them to take the industry to the next level.”


Digital Domain is a frequent producer of well-acclaimed entertainment productions across Greater China—from its 360-degree livestreaming at the red carpet of Golden Horse Awards to VR livestreaming of Faye Wong's Moments Live 2016 concert, from Teresa Teng 20th anniversary virtual image memorial concert “If A Wish Could Be Made” to the recent collaboration with China Central Television (CCTV) for VR thematic promotional video of CCTV New Year's Gala 2017.


Visit Digital Domain’s FILMART 2017 exhibition booth (number 1E- E14) between March 13 to 16 to see for yourself the captivating experiences that are possible by combining industry-leading technology and visual effects artistry.


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About Digital Domain

Digital Domain creates transportive experiences that entertain, inform and inspire. The company is a pioneer in many fields, including visual effects, livestreaming landmark events in 360° virtual reality, building situational awareness applications, creating “virtual humans” for use in films and live events, and developing interactive content. A creative force in visual effects and media applications, Digital Domain and its predecessor entities have brought artistry and technology to hundreds of motion pictures, commercials, video games, music videos and virtual reality experiences. Its groundbreaking visual effects appear in films such as "Titanic," "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and recent blockbusters "Furious 7" and "Deadpool." Staff artists have won more than 100 major awards, including Academy Awards, Clios, BAFTA awards and Cannes Lions.


Digital Domain has offices in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei and Hong Kong.  Digital Domain Holdings Limited (www.ddhl.com) is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 547).  www.digitaldomain.com


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