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Digital Domain: In Tune with Reality

Daniel Seah, CEO of Digital Domain, during his India visit, tells us about his efforts in lending a mainstream approach towards virtual reality

In two-and-a-half decades in the entertainment industry; projects like Titanic, True Lies, Transformers, Beauty and the Beast, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, TRON: Legacy, Thor, Real Steel, Iron Man 3; the Rio Olympics 2016 — Digital Domain (DD) has mainstreamed VFX, VR/AR and 360-degree videos. Headquartered in Los Angeles with branches set up across Canada, UK and China, the company entered India only last year in Hyderabad. A chat with Daniel Seah, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, Digital Domain Holdings, during his India visit, helps us connect a few dots.

“I don’t think we’re late coming to India,” Seah says. His sixth trip since he’s taken charge as its CEO, Seah confesses India has been on their agenda for a long while. DD is traditionally focused on its Hollywood markets and they took longer than expected, building their Vancouver facility, . “The artistes here are well-known globally, they share a similar visual language to that of the US audience. This is just the beginning. We have all the confidence that India will grow as big as our other facilities across the world.”


The Hindu- Digital Domain: In Tune with Reality