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The three parties intend to bring advanced technologies from Hollywood and

 enter into a strategic partnership, with first production TV Drama “Ten Years Late”


(December 7, 2017, Beijing) - Digital Domain Holdings Limited (the “Company” or “Digital Domain,” stock code: 547), one of the world’s largest and innovative providers of visual effects and immersive experiences, today announced that it will team up with Talent Television and Film and Cenic Media to explore all advanced technologies and resources from Hollywood and other regions in order to build an all-new ecosystem for IP development, content creation and distribution. The first initiative from this new strategic partnership includes the production of new IP-protected TV Drama “Ten Years Late,” which tells an inspiring workplace story in multiple cities. Digital Domain will provide visual effects and virtual reality (VR) solutions for the drama, so that viewers can enjoy a high-quality immersive experience.


Mr. Daniel Seah, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Digital Domain, said: “It’s a great honor for us to join forces with Talent Television and Film and Cenic Media for strategic collaboration. The quality of Talent and Cenic productions combined with Digital Domain’s proven innovations in visual effects and VR experiences will continue to advance our own IP, content as well as our distribution platforms.”


“This collaboration not only represents the extension of Digital Domain’s existing business as well as the successful establishment of a refined business model, but more importantly, represents a breakthrough and innovation for the entire TV program production industry,” Mr. Seah continued. “For more than 24 years, Digital Domain has perfected great visual effects technology, and has continued to innovate in the VR industry. With our history and the recently announced powerful chain of VR theaters combined with the traditional and new media distribution networks of Talent and Cenic, we will definitely be able to lay a solid foundation for the strong development of the ecosystem.”


Mr. Hongliang Wu, Chairman and General Manager of Talent Television and Film, said: “China’s IP-protected TV dramas are going international, and Digital Domain’s unparalleled expertise and technologies as well as its international vision and production standard can help us with the production of great TV dramas in terms of content creation and visual effects, and can also help China’s local TV IPs connect with international standards in a more unique way.”


Mr. Hanson He, Founder and President of Cenic Media, commented: “Cenic Media already had connections with Digital Domain long ago. This time we collaborate with each other in producing Ten Years Late aiming to expand the scope of IPs for TV programs and also expand the ecosystem for the production of TV programs. We are very much looking forward to the upcoming cooperation with Digital Domain, and will work together with Digital Domain to build the industry’s exclusive ecosystem for the standard production of TV programs.”

Starring Shawn Dou, Gulnazar, Jeremy Jones, Cecilia Boey and Rain Wang, Ten Years Late tells an inspiring story in the tourism industry and encourages people to pursue their dream and innovate in their business endeavors, aiming to resonate with the general public. This drama now has entered the early shooting stage, and is expected to air in 2018.




About Digital Domain Holdings Limited

Digital Domain creates transportive experiences that entertain, inform and inspire. The company is a pioneer in many fields, including visual effects, livestreaming landmark events in 360° virtual reality, building situational awareness applications, creating “virtual humans” for use in films and live events, and developing interactive content.


A creative force in visual effects and media applications, Digital Domain and its predecessor entities have brought artistry and technology to hundreds of motion pictures, commercials, video games, music videos and virtual reality experiences. Its groundbreaking visual effects appear in films such as “Titanic,” “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and blockbusters “Spider-Man: Homecoming” and “Beauty and the Beast.” Staff artists have won more than 100 major awards, including Academy Awards, Clios, BAFTA awards and Cannes Lions.


Digital Domain has offices in Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver, Portland, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei and Hyderabad. Digital Domain Holdings Limited is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 547).


Digital Domain Holdings Limited: www.ddhl.com

Digital Domain: www.digitaldomain.com


About Talent Television and Film


Founded in 2006,Talent is an entertainment company of the national level A TV series production qualification, owning TV series investment, TV program production and distribution, and other post-film products developing as its core business. Talent had completed the shareholding reform in 2011, and successfully accomplished its IPO, as the only entertainment company that enter enterprise market of that year.


Holding the idea “being steady, doing the best”, Talent has already become one of the best leading enterprises in program producing industries and has brought plenty of films and television word of high qualities to audience. During the development of diversified cooperation models, Talent has embraced a large number of entertainment industrial resources, keeping a deep cooperation and solid friendship with top-ranking TV stations, video websites, home and abroad.


After 10 year’s development, Talent has become a true versatile contestant in the film and television industry in China. Covering each chain of this industry, Talent’s business is like a large plate, containing film and TV program investment and production, artist management, advertising production, post production, film distribution, TV entertainment investment and production, theater line investment and management.


About Cenic Media


Founded in Shanghai, China in 2014, Cenic Media is a first-class media group with a focus on IP in China. The company focuses on investing in, producing and distributing high-quality programs based on a three-step standard process—big data, a large group of screenwriters, and the evaluation and optimization of screenplays. It intends to become a partner for both the producers and the broadcasters of TV dramas across the world. The production and distribution of TV dramas, the production and distribution of movies, the production and distribution of variety shows, and the development of IP derivatives are the company’s four pillar businesses. Among them, the production and distribution of TV dramas is the business focus for Cenic Media.


Over the past three years since it was formed, Cenic Media has been improving its ability to create IPs and develop IPs based on brand building, brand operation, and brand accumulation under a big-data and scientific evaluation system and by taking a user-centric approach. Cenic Media adopts an open cooperation model, and is able to make decisions quickly and keep improving, innovating and upgrading. It now has become a leading new media content provider in China. The company has established ongoing and sound partnerships with Internet platforms such as youku.com, iqiyi.com, and v.qq.com, and has also maintained close collaboration with BBC, Digital Domain, top 6 American film studios, as well as renowned media companies in Japan and Taiwan. Apart from TV dramas, movies, variety shows, and the development of derivatives, the company also deals with the management of artists, entertainment marketing, and product placement etc.


Leveraging its dual new media and big data DNAs, since it was formed in 2014, Cenic Media has produced a number of great Internet dramas such as Mr. Bodyguard, The Visioner, and My Fox Immortal Wife. All these dramas caused heated discussions on the Internet, and also received remarkable clicks on new media.


The company is now collaborating with Digital Domain, a top special effects company in Hollywood, to shoot The Legends of Monkey King, Cenic Media’s major IP drama for the year 2017. Ten Years Later, another major drama telling a workplace love story in cities, is being produced.