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Digital Domain Receives New Patent Recognition Named “Distributed Video Sensor Panoramic Imaging System” from United States Patent and Trademark Office

October 15 , 2019, Hong Kong ——Immersive Media Company(“IMV”), a media company dedicated to practicing a globally diverse and interactive immersive experience and one of the subsidiaries of Digital Domain Holdings Limited(the “Group” or “Digital Domain”; stock code: 547), one of the largest and most innovative providers of visual effects and virtual reality (VR) experiences, is pleased to announce that its subsidiary-Immersive Licensing, Inc., has obtained the patented “Distributed video sensor panoramic imaging system” (Patent No. 10, 375, 355) issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office or USPTO recognition.


This patent provides a solution for obtaining complete panoramic images under complex and extremely speedy movement conditions. At the same time, the decentralized lens meets the shooting scene and application requirements of all terrain and full vehicles.


Mr. Daniel Seah, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Digital Domain, said, “As a leading provider of immersive and interactive content solutions, IMV has strong innovation capabilities and a number of technology patents. The combination of these advantages and the creative talents of the Digital Domain has helped us to cross the boundaries of creativity and more effectively create quality content for advertising, television, film, music, sports and live entertainment. Since the acquisition of IMV in 2015, the production and distribution of VR and 360 experiences has become one of the core businesses of the Digital Domain.”


Mr. Daniel Seah, continued, “The high bandwidth and low latency advantages brought by 5G, combined with the implementation of commercialization, create opportunities for VR technology to achieve wider application. We will further explore the linkage models of this patent in the 5G environment, thereby accelerating the pace of expansion of some strong interactivescenes such as therelated businesses of entertainment, education, culture, travel and finance, etc.”


The decentralized video sensor panoramic imaging system includes a plurality of independent cameras distributed around the target subject, the sequence of images captured by the at least one independent camera is stored in a pre-set file format. In addition, the panoramic imaging system has a self-developed viewer module that can display panoramic images in the original file format; its calibration module can correct at least one information associated with the image sequence through a unique computing system, calibration data It can be saved to a configuration file and/or stored in a pre-set file format; then, the viewer module will render the corrected image sequence in a pre-set file format. In addition, the R&D team of Digital Domain is working on an extended patent based on a distributed video sensor panoramic imaging system.


Detailed descriptions and applications of this new patent, including their statements and descriptions, can be found at the following websites:





About Digital Domain

Digital Domain creates transportive experiences that entertain, inform and inspire. Throughout the last quarter of a century, the studio has grown to lead the visual effects industry, expanding globally into digital humans, virtual production, previsualization and virtual reality, and adding commercials, game cinematics and episodics to the robust film roster. Digital Domain’s rich legacy consists of hundreds of blockbuster feature films for every major studio and thousands of commercials, music videos, game cinematics and digital content by world-renowned directors and brands.

A creative force in visual effects and premium content, Digital Domain and its predecessor entities have brought artistry and technology to films including Titanic,The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and blockbusters Avengers: Infinity Warand Ready Player One. Staff artists have won more than 100 major awards, including Academy Awards, Clios, BAFTA awards and Cannes Lions.

Digital Domain has successfully become the first independent visual effects studio to enter Greater China. In 2017, Digital Domain launched in Hyderabad. In 2018, Digital Domain acquired one of China’s VR hardware equipment pioneers and leaders – VR Technology Holdings Ltd, Shenzhen(“3Glasses”).

Digital Domain has locations in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Montreal, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Taipei and Hyderabad. Digital Domain Holdings Limited is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 547).

Digital Domain: www.digitaldomain.com


About Immersive Media Company

IMV designs and develops technologies and products that power immersive experiences, from hardware and software, to applications, processes and intellectual properties. From developing the engine behind Google Street View, to patenting the only technology capable of capturing and broadcasting live 360-video, Immersive Media has built its legacy on innovation. With industry leading proprietary technology, from hardware to software, dozens of patents, and hundreds of patent claims and patent citations, Immersive Media owns patents and intellectual properties that blanket the world of immersive experiences.

IMV is a subsidiary of the Digital Domain.