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Digital Domain Joins Forces With Letv Sports to Offer the Ultimate Football Virtual Reality Experience

International Champions Cup to be Streamed Live with IM360 Cameras for the First Time


(Hong Kong, 26 July 2015) – Digital Domain Holdings Limited (“DDHL” and together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) (stock code: 547) has teamed with China’s leading digital sports broadcaster, Letv Sports, to broadcast the 2015 International Champions Cup (ICC) China in a ground-breaking 360-degree virtual reality live stream. As China’s first major sporting event to be aired live via immersive video, the event will feature breakthrough technology provided by IM360, a subsidiary of DDHL. Utilising its patented 360-degree camera technology, DDHL provides a cutting-edge entertainment experience that simulates the excitement and action of actually being in the stadium on the sideline. The video technology captures the full 360-degree environment from multiple angles, enabling fans that cannot attend the matches to experience the event like a VIP with the best seats in the stadium.

The ICC finals are being played for the first time ever in China. DDHL and Letv Sports have chosen this renowned football tournament to introduce the 360-degree visual experience to the millions of fans across Mainland China that are expected to watch the ICC live on Letv Sports’ streaming network. The event features premier European clubs including AC Milan, Inter Milan and Real Madrid, who’ll go head-to-head in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Shanghai on July 25, July 27, and July 30. As China’s leading digital sports broadcaster, Letv is the ideal partner for DDHL to highlight the extraordinary viewing experience of IM360.

At the forefront of immersive video and virtual reality, the IM360 technology was previously used by DDHL to capture Asia’s first virtual concert of Taiwanese pop diva Miss Teresa Teng held in Taipei on May 9, 2015, an enthralling performance commemorating the 20th anniversary of her passing. Subsequent to this successful concert, DDHL and its subsidiaries have been in ongoing business development discussions with major brands, intellectual property holders, artists, and other potential business partners with an emphasis on the virtual human performance and IM360 businesses. The Group will continue to create leading-edge immersive video content and services through the IM360.

“As a pioneer in this exciting space, we’re striving to change the landscape of visual content creation. By utilising live-streaming in a 360-degree setting, we can provide more exciting virtual reality experiences for a variety of sporting events, live performances, concerts and other popular entertainment activities in the future to literally bring a new dimension of content to more regions in Asia,” said Mr. Daniel SEAH, Chairman and CEO, Digital Domain Holdings Limited. “The ICC is the first international sports event in Asia to be streamed live with DDHL’s IM360 technology. Once viewers appreciate IM360’s lifelike 360-degree experience, we anticipate there will be huge market demand for this technology.” he added.
To help lead the revolution and bridge today and tomorrow’s immersive experiences, DDHL and IM360 are focused on the creation and distribution of their own original content, as well as driving strategic partnerships with some of the world’s biggest brands. The management will increase its presence in the exciting virtual human and virtual reality segment while further developing the Group’s core visual effects business, so as to drive the business growth continuously. With a solid track record of more than 100 Hollywood movies and more than 1,000 advertising videos, music videos and games and partnerships with international film production houses and famous brands including Universal, Warner Bros., Disney, etc., DDHL is now well-equipped for further business expansion across a wide spectrum of the entertainment field and strives to become a major creative content provider.

Mr. Lei Zhenjian, CEO of Letv Sports, said, “We are excited about adopting the 360-degree camera technology to air this tournament, and I hope to have more close collaborations with DDHL in the future. Letv has always vowed to provide the best entertaining experience to our viewers. Teaming up with DDHL for ICC 2015 would be a stepping stone and I believe the 360-degree camera technology would provide a wonderful experience to our viewers as well as changing the sports live streaming industry.”