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Digital Domain joined forces with Golden Star Entertainment and CTi TV Offer cutting-edge experience of 360 digital captures technology at “Kangxi Lai Le”, a whole new visual experience

Hong Kong – 2ndDecember 2015Digital Domain Holdings Limited (“DDHL”, HK stock code: 547), the parent company of the Academy Award®-winning Hollywood digital production studio Digital Domain 3.0Group, joined forces with CTi TV and GoldenStar Entertainment Co. Limitedowned by Mr. Wang Wei-chung, a well-known producer in Taiwan,to apply 360 digital captures technology in the last shooting day of “Kangxi Lai Le” on 2nd December 2015, a Taiwanese TV show, to capture multi-angle of every exciting moment of the iconic show.


IM360, a joint venture of DDHL,will join forcewith Golden Star Entertainment in the shooting.Various 360 degree cameraswill be used to provide a cutting-edge entertainment experience that enables the audience to witness the historic moment with the two hosts – Kevin Tsai and Dee Hsu, along with the production crew and guests. A 360 degree camera will also be setup in the dressing room for filming behind-the-scene footages.


DDHL’s affiliatepreviously used 360 digital captures technology to shoot Asia’s first virtualconcert of the late Taiwanese pop diva Miss Teresa Teng, an enthralling performance commemorating the20th anniversary of her passing. Similar technology has also beenapplied in producing commercials and music videos, including“The Neymar Jr. Effect” for NIKE, and “Blank Space” by internationalsuperstar Taylor Swift.


Mr. Daniel Seah, Executive Director and CEOof DDHLsaid, “With the increasing popularity in media and entertainment industry, virtual reality and 360 digital captures technology will subvert the audience's visual experience. ‘Kangxi Lai Le’is the most influential TV show among Chinese speaking audiences. We wish to offer cutting-edge experience to more audience through this collaboration. We believe 360 digital captures technology will lead the media and entertainment industry into a new sphere.”


Mr. Wang Wei-chung, General Manager of GoldenStar Entertainment said, “‘Kangxi Lai Le’ has made a lot of entertainment topics since its launch in 2004. We have made a lot of innovation during the past 12 years. We wish the last few episodes of ‘Kangxi Lai Le’will continue to be memorable and to produce the show with 360 digital captures technologywill offer a whole new experience to the audiences. It is not the end of the show. ‘It will be the starting point for us to bring more innovation and reform to the industry.”


Spokesman of CTi TVsaid, “Since its launch in 2004, ‘Kangxi Lai Le’has been the top-rated show among a variety of entertainment talk shows in Taiwan. It is also the most influential entertainment show among Chinese speaking audiences.Therefore, we wish to apply 360 digital captures technology to record every wonderful moment of the two hosts and the guests.”


“Kangxi Lai Le” is a comedy talk show in Taiwan, hosted by Kevin Tsai and Dee Hsu. It was first broadcasted in January 2004 atCTi TV. On 16th October 2015, Kevin Tsai announced to quit the show and Dee Hsu followed shortly. After being broadcastedfor more than 10 years, “Kangxi Lai Le” willstop airing.


About Digital Domain Holdings Limited

Digital Domain Holdings Limited (“DDHL” and together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) is listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (stock code: 547). DDHL is a diversified investment holding company with its operating and investment businesses spanning Hong Kong, the United States, Canada, Mainland China and other countries, encompassing such businesses as media entertainment, visual effects production, co-production of movies, property investment, trading, etc.


On July 2013, the Group acquired Digital Domain 3.0 Group comprising Digital Domain 3.0, Inc., Digital Domain Productions 3.0 (BC), Ltd. and Mothership Media, Inc. Digital Domain 3.0 Group has a history of about 20 years and has manifested itself as the leading digital production company. As one of the biggest VFX service providers in the US media industry, it is mainly engaged in the production of VFX, animations and movies.


About IM360

IM360 is a joint venture between Digital Domain Holdings Limited and Immersive Ventures, Inc. (“Immersive”) The partnership unites Digital Domain, an Academy Award®-winning digital production studio and Immersive, the leading provider of 360° immersive technology. IM360 creates cutting-edge interactive experiences including video content, services and client-side applications. Collectively, the studios aim to further the role of immersive video and virtual reality programming across advertising, television, film and gaming.