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Digital Domain Gets ‘Lost in Space’ with a New Breakdown Reel

At the end of January, Digital Domain released a VFX reel highlighting their work on ‘Lost in Space’ season 2, specifically on the first episode. As it covers a large amount of wide-ranging work, getting in touch with their VFX Supervisor on the show, Aladino Debert, seemed like the best way to understand what was happening behind the scenes of the reel. Fortunately, just a few questions pulled out lots of interesting details.

The reel opens with scenes of the family’s spaceship, the Jupiter 2, floundering under a heavy storm at night along a rough stretch of coastline. Rain pelts down as the characters struggle to gain control of their ship before it smashes into the coastal rocks.

Link to article: https://www.digitalmediaworld.tv/vfx/2798-digital-domain-gets-lost-in-space-with-a-new-breakdown-reel