Virtual reality (VR) is rapidly transforming a range of industries, from gaming to filmmaking to avant-garde art. But travel, though an obvious angle, is still a largely untapped market. Some innovators however are beginning to experiment with how we plan, book, and relieve our wanderlust. Once complicated and prohibitively expensive, VR hardware is now widely available from companies such as Google, Samsung, HTC, and Oculus VR—meaning immersive, cutting-edge technology that instantly plunks you into an ultra-realistic, three-dimensional world of far-flung, exotic locales is now more accessible than ever. Along with the headset, a phone and a few apps are all you need to enjoy the best of this trend, which allows you to intimately explore the minute details of a series of destinations or go on a previously off-limits adventure. Here are five VR experiences, currently available, that we're most excited about.

5 Virtual Reality Travel Experiences That Are Almost as Good as the Real Thing