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CNET – Spider-Man: Homecoming

The man behind the visual effects of the ferry sequence says that "if you treat filmmaking as a job, you're going to be miserable." He's just the opposite.

Making a Marvel movie like "Spider-Man: Homecoming" can be "maddening or exhilarating", according to visual effects expert Lou Pecora. And the toughest shots in this effects extravaganza might not be the ones you think.

Like most modern blockbusters, the effects in "Homecoming" were divided among different VFX companies, including Sony Pictures Imageworks, Iloura and Trixter. But the big-ticket action sequence, in which Spider-Man and the villainous Vulture clash on New York's Staten Island ferry, was contracted to Digital Domain, the Oscar-winning effects outfit originally founded by James Cameron and Stan Winston in 1993.

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