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She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

Date de sortie: 08/18/2022

Studio: Marvel Studios

Showrunner: Jessics Gao

Superviseur des Effets Visuels: Jan Phillip Cramer


To realize 43 minutes of screen time for Marvel Studios’ latest superhero, She-Hulk, Digital Domain VFX Supervisor Jan Philip Cramer and his outstanding team of artists sought inspiration in the technology used to create everyone's favorite villain, Thanos. Building on that same technology, the Digital Domain team successfully transformed the 5’4” Tatiana Maslany into a 6’7” green giant, without sacrificing the nuance of the Emmy-winner’s performance.

In addition to utilizing the studios proprietary tools, Masquerade 2.0 and Charlatan, to bring She-Hulk to life, DD also worked on several other visual effects sequences throughout the series while introducing new systems. The team developed a ShapeWear system that allowed the superhero's attire to accurately adjust to the character model, while subtly and realistically augmenting the muscles to match. This can be seen throughout the series and most notably in the dance scene with Megan the Stallion.

The team also created CG droid K.E.V.I.N., which was meant as an homage to Marvel Studios mastermind, Kevin Feige, and much more! In total, Digital Domain contributed nearly 1,000 VFX shots to She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, including 660 shots of She-Hulk alone