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The Last of Us: Digital Domain’s Mitch S. Drain on Creating the Post-Apocalypse

Mitch S. Drain has been working in visual effects for thirty years, literally starting at a time that could have been considered the heyday of when visual effects were becoming prevalent in Hollywood blockbusters like Roland Emmerich’s Independence Day.

Recently, Drain was called upon, through his role as VFX Supervisor at Digital Domain, to help create the environments for HBO’s The Last of Us, a world that has been left abandoned and forgotten for 20 years as a virus overcomes the earth’s population. It’s a VFX job that could be considered more “supporting,” but it’s also crucial to the look and feel of a show that takes place in a very different version of our own world, one that’s heavily informed by the hugely-popular Naughty Dog video game, written by Neil Druckman (who was also heavily involved with creating the show.)


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