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Citadel – Season 1

Date de sortie: 04/28/2023

Studio: AGBO/Amazon Studios

Showrunner: David Weil

Superviseur des Effets Visuels: Aladino Debert


For Prime Video's Citadel, the Digital Domain artist team led by Aladino Debert, contributed work to episodes 103 and 106 for the series. For episode 103, the team helped to create a memorable moment where Nadia (played by Priyanka Chopra Jonas) heroically saves Mason (portrayed by Richard Madden). However, for Episode 106, also the season finale, the team contributed to three primary sequences for the season finale, which included distinct digital environments and extensive water simulation work. The first environment revolved around the skydiving scenes, taking place above a mesmerizing cloudscape, both at magic hour as well as at night. The second environment focused on shots set at ocean level, comprising two separate scenes. The skydiving environment was meticulously crafted to form a complete world, featuring intricately designed cloud formations that granted the filmmakers complete control over choreography and cinematography, enabling them to craft visually captivating scenes that seamlessly merged with the overall narrative.

In the ocean-level sequence, we employed a groundbreaking ocean simulation technique known as the "Water Kit," which revolutionized our process of creating realistic water effects. Recognizing the challenges associated with water simulation and its art direction, we developed a master simulation spanning 750 frames, depicting the submarine's journey through the ocean. This comprehensive simulation encompassed various elements such as wake effects, ocean waves, white caps, and atmospheric conditions.