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The Magic Behind The VFX Of Black Adam

There was a ton of VFX used to bring Black Adam to life. Dwayne Johnson describes this film as one of his most difficult to date. The CGI was completed by people who worked all over the world. There were at least a dozen visual effects studios as well as individual artists in countries like Germany and India working on this project. With help from Digital Domain, they were able to make use of set extensions for really busy sequences like Black Adam’s first appearance. There were over 150 shots in total inside the rock of eternity – which was of course shot in front of green screens. There were a ton of CG-characters used as the mercenaries who were shooting at Black Adam, so obviously, in real-time, there was actually nothing remotely close to that happening on set – it was just Dwayne Johnson in a black cloak. The VFX team had to go back and add all of those effects of gunshots, sparks, and clothing fiber being shredded to bits. That was only one of the small moments they had to create with CGI. One of the most difficult things to muster was Dr. Fate’s suit. Pierce Brosnan had no clue what he would even look like as Dr. Fate because all of that was added in post! There’s so much more to talk about – the entire film utilizes CGI from aspects like Black Adam flying through the air all the way to overlooked facial expressions. Stick around until the end of the video to find out more!


Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/sYxGlzDd1tQ