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MADAME WEB VFX Reels Showcase The Movie’s Final Battle And The Three Spider-Women In Action

Madame Web VFX Breakdown Digital Domain

Two new VFX reels have been released for Madame Web showcasing Digital Domain's work on the Marvel movie's final act, including the memorable battle between Cassandra Webb and the villainous Ezekiel Sims.

Say what you will about Madame Web's story and cast, but the visual effects were undeniably impressive. Sony Pictures collaborated with Digital Domain on the Marvel movie and two newly released VFX reels highlight their work on the third act.

Those scenes featured Cassandra Webb along with Julia Cornwall, Mattie Franklin, and Anya Corazon on a mission to stop the villainous Ezekiel Sims after a series of ominous premonitions tied their fates together.

The fight played out in a warehouse and on a rooftop, with Cassie and her proteges ultimately outsmarting the baddie.

Digital Domain kindly shared the following with us regarding their work on those two key elements of Madame Web's final battle:

The Warehouse

In the film, Ezekiel has a premonition that shows his fate is met at the hands of the young women, and he makes it his mission to stop them before they acquire their powers. This leads the entire group on an action-packed journey, ending at an abandoned warehouse. To trap Ezekiel, the young women enter the warehouse and devise a plan to set off fireworks. This is where the team at Digital Domain stepped in. For this particular scene, the FX team was called on to create explosions and fire throughout the building as multiple fireworks erupt behind the soon-to-be superheroes as Ezekiel tries to attack them.

The Rooftop

The fight against Ezekiel commences on the rooftop of the abandoned warehouse. Shot on a small set in Boston surrounded by bluescreen, the artists at Digital Domain built the rooftop as an entire CG environment, extending the entire area and adding several FX works from fireworks to explosions. The Pepsi sign, which exists in New York, was also rebuilt digitally by the team at Digital Domain. To enhance the tension and excitement within the scene, production called on our post-visualization team to assist in developing the environment and FX throughout the sequence and establish how much smoke and fire would be needed, as well as the timing.