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Going from bluescreen partial set to intense Wakandan/Talokanil at-sea battle

How Digital Domain helped craft Wakanda Forever’s ship attack.

The biggest sequence in Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever takes place on the Atlantic Ocean, where the Wakandans lure the Talokanil to their vessel hoping to disable their king, Namor, and where a major battle ensues.

Of course, production was never going to consider shooting that on the open water. That’s where visual effects came in.

The battle was staged with actors and stunt performers on bluescreen and ‘negative fill’ sets in Atlanta, with a partial ship deck. Digital Domain, working with production visual effects supervisor Geoffrey Baumann, was then principally responsible for fleshing out the scenes, compositing the live-action warriors into the shots, producing extra ones where needed, adding in the full ship, and realising digital water.


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