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Spider Man Bridge sequence

Digital Domain Helps ‘Bridge’ the Multiverse in ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’

There is mayhem aplenty in Digital Domain’s latest work bringing Spider-Man: No Way Home to the big screen, especially during the Doc Ock vs. Spidey fight requiring the digital recreation of 2.5 square miles of New York City, an ill-fated meeting that leads to the destruction of Happy Hogan’s condo and a tragic death and helping previous film incarnations of Sandman and Doc Ock become part of the MCU. In total, Digital Domain VFX supervisor Scott Edelstein was responsible for over 520 shots and 600 unique assets; his stellar work earned him an Oscar nomination for Achievement in Visual Effects along with Marvel Studios VFX supervisor Kelly Port, Sony Pictures Imageworks VFX supervisor Chris Waegner, and Special Effects supervisor Daniel Sudick. Note that there is one major spoiler later in the article.

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