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As much as there was an irreverent attitude displayed by She-Hulk in the Disney+ series named after her, the female cousin of the original gamma ray-infused green monster was treated with the utmost respect by Digital Domain VFX Supervisor/Head of Animation Jan Philip Cramer. “Especially with me being a guy, we weren’t initially aware how challenging this would become,” Cramer admits. “She-Hulk is a female character who is bubbly, positive, happy, uses makeup, and wears high heals and a lot of different outfits. Makeup has such a huge affect on your appearance. There were lots of things to learn. There are certain colors that don’t go well together with the green. One of the problems for us was how much subsurface you would see coming through, which would be sometimes covered up with makeup. Similarly with rouge, we would put some lightly on She-Hulk because we had to be so careful that her overall skin tone would stay untouched. If the skin appeared to be too smooth because of the additional layer of foundation on top of it, that would not help us because she would look CG. We would remove that and try to find a balance.”

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